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We have a winner! Click HERE to see more about Dena, PLUS additional art contest submissions and artist’s thoughts on wellbeing in the community, for themselves, and how art interweaves with wellbeing…








Join Joselhyt Day for Pranic Healing Introduction Classes, meditations and healing clinics, where you’ll get to explore what Pranic Healing is and its many applications.

Where: Holistic Light House 401-B Vernon Street in Roseville.

When: November 22 • 3-6pm

For more info, email joselhyt@yahoo.com or to register, click HERE.

Read more about Pranic Healing, as written by Joselhyt, HERE





We recently did an interview with local, Priya Darshini, Folsom based Watsu practitioner. Find out more about Watsu and the unique offerings of Priya Darshini HERE. Check out some of the quotes from the interview below:

“Watsu promotes a deep state of relaxation and causes dramatic changes in the autonomic nervous system… Watsu encourages our bodies to relax and allow healing to occur from within.

“When I discovered and fell in love with Watsu, I realized that everything I’d ever learned had prepared me to share this healing gift with others.”

Please check out the full interview HERE.



saramaitri_online2We recently did an interview with local, Sara Maitri, Sacramento energy healer. Some quotes:

“As a result of my own energy healing, I experienced a profound shift and knew I had to learn these techniques and share them with others.”

“I get to see people become empowered and make steps toward having the life they’ve always wanted.”

“Stuff that has been considered ‘out there’ or ‘woo woo’, science is now proving as real.”

Please check out the full interview HERE.







•2 cups Brown Basmati Rice
•2/3 cup coconut, dry grated/dessicated
•3 1/2 cups water
•1 teaspoon sea salt
•1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper, powdered
•1 Tablespoon grapeseed or virgin coconut oil


Cook in a rice cooker until water has been absorbed. The finished texture should soft but not gooey and and easily separating with a fork. Serve warm, room temperature, or chilled.


Super simple, yummy AND goes great with the coconut curry soup recipe on page 81 of the 2014 WellBEing Resource print edition (pick one up for free at places listed HERE).


Thank you Baagan for submitting this recipe :) Check out Baagan’s amazing, fresh food at 910 Pleasant Grove Blvd #160 in Roseville, CA Open M-Sat 8am-8pm and Sun 9am-6pm. www.baagan.com



mel picture heart body soul.2846Check out this beginning Numerology Class on April 26 from 1-3pm…

Join Melanie Channell in this hands on basic Numerology class. In this class you will learn how numerology can change your life and how it affects the lives of those around you. You will get an overview of what the numbers 1-9 mean, as well as the master numbers. Delve into the formulas to find your core numbers, which include your life path number, expression, soul urge, and birthday numbers. Explore the personality number, maturity number, and growth numbers. The cost of this class is $40.

For more info or to register: Call 916-920-7832, Email Melanie_Channell@yahoo.com, or visit heartworksnow.com/id74.html



75dpiWe’re so excited to announce that the NEW, updated, and upgraded edition of WellBEing Resource is HERE!

Click HERE for places to pick one up for free :)

Want to distribute free WellBEing Resource guides at your place of business and/or to give to friends, clients, & family? Email Jill and we’ll hook you up.

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