Hello ~ We are now reserving space in the upcoming edition of WellBEing Resource!

We’ll be distributing 20,000+ of the beautiful, new 2019 edition print guide. All in print will be featured online for a year and be able to post all happenings to our community calendar.

Also, this time we will have an amazing upgrade! We are in the midst of a huge website redesign with an easy to navigate directory and an amazing calendar of events with images, links, and more! The site will be user friendly and awesome across all platforms (mobile, web, etc).

All featured will  be able to log in to the new site anytime in order to: 

• Edit your business page, links, and images

• Add and edit your happenings (classes, workshops, retreats, etc) on our brand new community calendar, along with links, images, etc.

We’ll also have opportunities for some of those featured to submit blog posts, be on our new podcast, host WellBEing Mixers, do a facebook live with Jill, and more!

Click HERE for options available

After taking a peek, feel free to call/text, 916-538-9355, email jill@ilovewellbeing.com or schedule a time to talk with Jill 1-on-1 HERE


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