WellBEing Association™

Thanks for your interest in the WellBEing Association™

The 2018 print guide is now on the stands and we’re now reserving space for the next… Visit iLoveWellBEing.com/signup for info on that!

During the off season, we do offer wellness practitioners an opportunity to be featured in the online directory to gain exposure of their offerings in the region, as well as ways to connect with other practitioners & healthy business owners. 

This is a collaborative community sharing, learning, connecting, supporting, growing.


Annual Membership Includes the Following:

 Bio in the WellBEing Online Directory – print not included

(image or logo, bio, contact info, + live weblink)

Post unlimited events/classes to community calendar

 Discounted rates for promos in e-letters & social media

Invite to member-only events & discounts on public events

(mixers, speaker series, classes, + other gatherings)

 Sponsorship and booth opportunities

And more to come ~ will announce as they arise

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